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Energy CostsIN CHARLOTTEMarch 23, 2022by AndrewWhen is it a Good Time to Call an Electrician?

There can be a good sense of accomplishment to take on, and complete, a DIY job around the house. One field it’s best and safest to leave to a pro most of the time, though, is electric work. There are a lot of good reasons to let a certified electrician handle anything to do with electricity. Safety, money and doing the job right the first time are all factors to consider when it’s a good time to call an electrician.


So many things in our world and everyday life, in and out of the house, use and depend on electricity. It’s easy to just assume it’s all harmless and perfectly safe. You’re reading this post thanks to electricity.

Even when an electrical job or fix seems easy and safe, it could be complicated. Or, if a DIY job goes a little off, it can go from safe to a danger in a blink. When you try to fix an electrical issue even a relatively minor error can harm an appliance, start a fire or electrocute you.

In the U.S., there are more than 50,000 fires, 1,400 injuries and 400 deaths a year due to accidents, often fires, having to do with electricity. Any work with electricity has to be taken very seriously. Any device attached to an electric circuit, or work with electricity, can have enough amps to be fatal if there’s an electrocution. This risk is why you need to call an electrical expert. It’s safer for everyone in the house and it’s more certain there will be no damage to the home, electric system or devices.


At first, you might think handling a project yourself will save money. This can be true other times. With electricity, this idea could backfire. Electric issues can be complicated. Plus, a small error can damage a whole grid, an expensive appliance or cause a more serious disaster such as a fire. This may mean your attempt to save money ends up with a much bigger expense. It could mean just having to spend a lot more time, more trips to the store (more money) or having to call an electrician once there’s more to fix or a bigger problem.

Quality and Dependability

Working with electricity, circuits and appliances can be complicated. There can be many small, intricate parts. An expert electrician has experience and expertise,

Times to Call an Electrician
Safety, money and doing the job right the first time are all factors to consider when it’s a good time to call an electrician.

plus all the right tools and components, to get things right quicker and more professionally.

You can go on the web, find DIY videos or lists, and think you’re all set. You can make one, but then probably two or three, trips to a hardware store, and what you need. Electric work, though, can be intricate and risky. Plus, you want it to last and be consistent for years to come.

If you hire a pro, their training, expertise and experience should guarantee getting the job done right the first time. Just as important, you can have confidence the job is good and done for a long time to come. There won’t be another DIY fix after the first fix.

Some Specific Times to Call an Electrician

    • The Circuit Breaker Trips Too Often

Your home’s circuit breaker should trip when there’s a fault or short. It’s an important safety function. If this is happening a lot, it’s not normal. It’s likely there’s a problem. Then, it’s highly likely this is a job for a pro technician, not a DIY task. A trip every now and then should just take a reset at the box. Doing this repeatedly is a sign of something else and something for an electrician to handle quickly and safely.

    • Getting Permits

Depending on what the job or project is, with electric work, you might need an inspection or permits after it’s complete. The likelihood of passing an inspection is better with a pro handling it. Getting all the right inspections and permits lined up is easier with a pro who is dealing with this all the time. You might not even know you need to do this part. Then, if the job doesn’t pass inspection or meet what’s needed for a permit, the electrician has to fix it instead of a ton more work for you.

    • Flickering Lights

Flickering Lights could mean you’ve got a wiring or another complex, underlying cause that’ll be tough to fix and fix safely. This is even more likely if you have more than one light, fixture or device flickering. It could be a problem with one or more circuit. You’re likely to need an electrician to inspect, diagnose and fix the situation.

    • Odd Noises in a Wall

Do you hear a humming or buzzing sound, like it’s electric, coming from a wall? This is a reason to be concerned. It’s best to call an electrician. There are a few possible reasons for the noise, but you don’t want to be trying to find, test and fix something like old connections or bad wiring with your electricity.

    • Switch Not Working

There are numerous reasons a light switch has gone bad or faulty. It could be a loose wire, something with that circuit, or needing to switch out the whole wire and outlet. All of these jobs are for a certified electrician.

    • New Light Fixtures

New light fixtures can be a great part of a renovation or a simple new look for a room. Taking out old fixtures and installing new ones can be a little complicated and risky, especially if you have to work with the wiring. You want a pro to take care of this so you know the install is safe and done to last.


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