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Energy CostsIN CHARLOTTEJune 6, 2022by AndrewWhat Electrical Jobs is it Required to Hire a Licensed Electrician?

Anyone can take an electrical license exam. Passing it is another story. Passing a licensing examination to be a licensed electrician takes a very high level of knowledge and experience. A licensed electrician must have a thorough knowledge of the National Electrical Code. The National Electrical Code is the standard of guidelines set for all electrical wiring work, installation, equipment, operation and tools needed for electrical work in the United States. While the NEC is used across the country, there are some differences from one state to another. To be licensed, along with passing the test, an electrician must work as an electrical apprentice, with a licensed electrician or company, for about 3-6 years. Why is it important to look for a licensed electrician? What jobs require a licensed electrician on the job?

Reasons to Hire a Licensed Electrician in Charlotte

It’s important to know an electrician working in your home or business is licensed. This ensures the safest, best work, which with an electric system, may matter for years to come. It’s important for a number of other factors, too.

A licensed electrician has passed an exam and long work experience and education period. This gives the needed qualifications and safety training to guarantee the work. Electrical work, including in houses, has to be done to meet the requirements of a permit and safety code. Licensed electricians follow these permits and codes.

Having a licensed electrician complete work will make sure home insurance coverage claims are upheld and will pay in case of a claim or incident later. Being licensed means an electrician is working according to the National Electrical Code.

An unlicensed electrician or handyman isn’t necessarily an unsafe or poor electrician, but they don’t have to follow set standards. They might not follow permit or local or state codes. An unlicensed electrician is typically not insured and the work they do might not comply with insurance regulations if there’s a major problem or expense for you later.

Why Hire a Licensed Electrician?

Many people suddenly need an electrician for some reason. They might search for a person or company here in the Charlotte area. They might get an idea of the cost. You could even think about a DIY job – which is not recommended at all with electricity.

Hiring a licensed electrician is the best method to take proper care of any electrical work in your home or business. Below are some reasons you should hire qualified, licensed electrical experts.


Safety is the most important reason for hiring a licensed electrician. A licensed expert will work according to code and by the book. They have the education and experience to know all current safety codes and requirements.

Have you ever seen electrical work done by a DIY’s that looks as if it’s held together by tape and also paperclips? It does not look safe. An electrician who has years of experience will certainly guarantee their work is up to present safety codes. You don’t have to worry about getting a shock when turning on a light. Having power up to code will help in the future if you decide to sell your property. You could even face a financial institution not giving a loan or approving a sale if a property has code violations or other risks.

Reasons to Hire a Licensed Electrician in Charlotte
Safety is the most important reason for hiring a licensed electrician.


Licensed electricians go through years of learning, hands-on work experience, testing and working under a licensed electrician to earn the license. To become qualified, electrical contractors should first apprentice with a qualified master electrician for at least two, but up to six years. After completing the apprenticeship, the electrical expert earns the title of “journeyman electrician”. In order to end up being licensed, they have to pass an exam. By getting a certificate, the electrical expert is getting a thumbs up from master electrical experts with good track records.

Saving Time and Money

Working with a licensed electrical expert is assured to save you money and time. This is the most likely way to have a job done safely, efficiently and without hiring someone else – or having a pro have to fix an attempted or failed DIY job.

There are many points that could go wrong when work with electrical power. Getting it done right the first time is essential. Suppose the electrician doesn’t have insurance and there’s an injury? Suppose a mistake is made because the “electrical expert” you worked with does not understand what they are doing, and your whole electric system is fried? Licensed electrical experts have the expertise to get it right the first time. They can give ideas for keeping your home working efficiently with more current technology.


If something goes wrong during a job, you do not want to pay even more for it. Licensed electrical experts will have liability insurance. It they end up being hurt while working, they will be covered. That takes a lot of stress off you. When electrical power issues take place, you just want to have a solution and the problem solved.

Licensed electricians must have a surety bond. This generally means they will pay you a predetermined amount of money if the job is not done effectively. So either the task gets done, or you get paid. A surety bond shows the electrician is an expert and it guarantees you are protected from bad work.


When hiring a contractor into your house, you should trust them. We know people many times hire the wrong person. The job ends up poorly done, needing to be redone, not up to code or being an issue again in the near future. The worst part is, the customer paid for the job that’s now messed up, maybe even worse and more expensive than before. There is no one to hold responsible.

A licensed electrical expert is backed by NEC standards and state standards in order to have the license. If a problem develops, you can bring it to the division and it will go through proceedings to make the situation right.


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