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Energy CostsIN CHARLOTTEJune 14, 2022by AndrewOutdoor Lighting for Gazebos

With many people wanting to make their homes and yards into places they like spending free time, or even work time, great, comfortable and entertaining spaces include the backyard more than ever. Spending more time outdoors is likewise excellent for your mental health and wellness. A gazebo on your property is great, but then you should enjoy it as much as possible. Great lighting is one key to doing this. Do you have a gazebo? Are you wondering how to light it up for delightful nights in the yard? There are a lot of directions to go with outdoor lighting for gazebos.

Knowing Wiring

Depending on the lights, the project, your property, where your electric grid already runs and permit requirements, you might need more wiring. Your new lighting must be safe. In most cases, with electricity, it’s best to have a professional do the job. A licensed electrician knows if you will need permits for new wiring or a project. Depending on how large a project this is, you may need special wiring or a new circuit. These tasks will need a pro.

If your residence already has exterior electrical outlets, you may be in luck. Depending on the type of lights and wiring, you might need a safe way to have cords running in or near the gazebo. Running the cords along posts or the roofline of the gazebo minimizes the risk of a person tripping over a cord or component.

Interior Lights for a Gazebo

You’ll probably want to start with the lighting inside your gazebo. This will make evenings and nights in the yard more enjoyable. What style to you have in mind? Do you like big, simple, understated or very creative? There are limitless ideas and options.

Fans and Lights

Here in Charlotte, in mostly a warm to hot climate, you might think about a ceiling fan before lights. A fan can make enough of a difference to be comfortable and spend more summer evenings in your yard. The lighting with a fan should be another consideration. If you grill or cook near or inside the gazebo, a fan or fans may help with smoke, heat and airflow from the barbecuing.


A crystal chandelier may be beautiful hanging from the center inside your gazebo. This is an excellent design for the romantic in mind if that’s how you see your yard and gazebo. Crystals shimmer in the sun all day then reflect the lightbulbs for a great setting at night. You can enhance a large, lovely light fixture with sheer, delicate curtains for a private getaway on your own property.

Pendant Lighting

Another stylish look may be modern pendant lights around or through a gazebo. Pendant lighting is sleek and easy to design to what you picture. There are many types and styles. It’s possible to alter the number, color and design. You can hang one large pendant for the whole space or use differing sizes or numbers for the look you want.

Interior Lights for a Gazebo
There are a lot of directions to go with outdoor lighting for gazebos.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are charming and fun. They’re not as vibrant as a crystal chandelier, however they’re more economical. They’re basically Christmas lights and available in a variety of colors.

You can wrap fairy lights vine-like on the inside beams and down the posts for whatever creative look you like. You could also try draping strands of lights down around some or all of the gazebo. Tie them together in two or more spots to create walkways and doorways. This is an exciting look the kids will certainly love.

LED Lights

Also called tape lights, LED strip lights are like fairy lights but are encased in tubing. Putting them up is easy with peel-and-stick backing. These lights are available in many colors, too. They’re safe and don’t let off any heat. LED strip lights are a good energy-saving pick, too, considering they use just a couple of watts of energy per foot.

Solar Lighting

Another easy and economical idea is solar string lights. They are good if you don’t have and don’t want to have electricity run to the gazebo. Solar lights also use LED bulbs as LED makes the most efficient use of solar photocells. Around six hours of sunlight powers your lights for about six hours after sunset.


Decorative lanterns can be ornamental or the main light for an outdoor space. They can be unique, creative and whimsical and come in varying colors, shapes and sizes. White lights with different colored light bulbs can create a mood or look any way you like.


Lamps with attractive lamp shades on coffee tables can add to your lighting arrangement. Discover lamps that match your hanging lights, if you’re using them.

Did you choose a big light fixture? You can add more lights with glass bases and light tones. Are you using modern pendant lights? Choose a modern-style lamp.


Use huge candles inside glass hurricane candle holders. You’ll get many hours of light out of each large candle. Scatter candles around the gazebo. You can place them on end tables and coffee tables. You can additionally place big candles inside glass lanterns on the ground.

Lights Outside the Gazebo

There’s another choice for brightening your gazebo without having lights inside. You can light the perimeter of it, or near it, in an artful style. Done right, perimeter lighting gives plenty of light inside the gazebo, but it’s soft and pleasant. Perimeter lights often include path lights to the gazebo.

A terrific pathway illumination option is solar lights. Installation is simple considering all you do for most solar path lights is push the lights into the ground. The light remains on top getting sunlight all day and comes on when it’s dark.

If you’re having trouble with insects during the evening or night, try different colored lights. These draw in less bugs than white lights.



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