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Energy CostsIN CHARLOTTEJune 20, 2022by AndrewDo Dimmer Switches Need Special Light Bulbs to Work Properly?

Dimming the lights can be a nice look and feeling around your house. There are some factors to think about along with dimmer switches and lights. One important aspect is the right bulb. Do dimmer switches need special light bulbs to work properly?

You can find bulbs which are dimmable. It’s simple to remember dimmable light bulbs will work well on a non-dimmable circuit and switch. Non-dimmable bulbs will not work correctly on a dimmable circuit or switch.

What Light Bulbs Go With Dimmer Switches?

You need specific light bulbs for dimmer switches. These light bulbs can minimize the electric load entering in without limiting performance or wearing out. A typical light bulb has an easy on/off functionality and will not work with a dimmer.

It’s no problem to find dimmable bulbs and it’s pretty easy to find ones you like which will function safely and consistently.

If you attempt to use a normal bulb, it is not going to work. At most, it is possible it’ll turn on and off but then burn out much quicker than normal.

What is a Dimmer Switch?

A dimmer switch is a light switch that lets you adjust the illumination of an electric light. It does not just turn the light on or off, it adjusts the strength of the light. This helps in mood lighting as you can change the look and vibrancy of the light according to your feeling or state of mind. These switches have variable resistors which enable it to transform the intensity of the light.

A dimmer switch can function with LEDs, CFLs and other light bulbs that are made with the right technology and have a dimming function.

Non-dimmable light bulbs shouldn’t be used with dimmer switches. This will waste energy, money and could make for a hazard in your home. A non-dimmable bulb might work and seem to be fine when you screw it in. Relatively soon, the light will begin fading far sooner than the bulb is meant to. More important, using the wrong bulb can be an overheating and fire hazard.

How a Dimmer Switch Works

A light dimmer switch is a component that lets you adjust the light intensity of a light bulb from low to high using a TRIAC (triode alternating current switch) that adjusts the flow of electrical energy and reduces or increases the light of a bulb.

A modern dimmer switch functions similar to turning a light on and off very quickly. These buttons are developed to work with CFLs, halogen, and incandescent light bulbs. But the bulbs need to be the right technology and have the ability to be utilized with a dimmer switch. A dimmer switch can decrease the energy usage and give you lower electrical expenses. Light dimming makes the appearance of a room or area nice by lowering the light and giving you a look you like.

Checking an Existing Dimmer

The sort of dimmer switch and it’s minimum and maximum light output will show the compatibility with LED light bulbs. Older side dimmers function best with LED light bulbs and newer dimmers work best with typical incandescent or halogen light bulbs.

Here is a look at some of the major factors it helps to know about special light bulbs for dimmer switches in the house.

No Overloading

Dimmable bulbs go with dimmer switches so you don’t have concerns about overloading.

When an electric circuit is on, it is sending a stream of electricity to the linked elements. This consists of any kind of lighting component attached to the circuit. Because of this, the light bulb needs to regulate exactly how the electrical power is used. If it is the bulb isn’t designed to be dimmed, it will not work with a dimmer switch. Rather, it is just going to turn on or off.

With a dimmable light bulb, you won’t have the issue of overloading that is seen with normal light bulbs. When you turn on the light using a dimmer switch, it is only going to turn on as high as you want it to. With a routine light bulb, it will either wear out or will turn on to 100%. This is why you have to put in the time to get dimmable bulbs that are simple to set up and will last for a long time. This is the only way to see the results you expect.

Consistent Light

It is additionally important to understand how a light bulb functions with a dimmer switch. The dimmer switch controls how much light, or power, travels to the light bulb. You should not have a light flickering or stop working completely. Because of this, you need a dimmable bulb with a dimmer switch for it to work effectively. The dimmable bulb is going to provide a reliable stream of light when turned on. A normal light bulb is only meant to give constant level of light if it’s set at 100%.

Design Ideas

Compatibility for what you have in mind matters most at the end of the day. The reason you need a dimmable light bulb for your dimmer switch involves design. What the final look will be is the main factor in what you buy. A dimmable light bulb will sync with the dimmer switch instantly. When you adjust the switch, you will get the difference in the light you’re looking for. Getting a bulb that is fully compatible means you can stop experimenting and just enjoy the design and your home. The right fit also makes an important difference in efficiency and energy cost.



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