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Energy CostsIN CHARLOTTEJune 29, 2022by Andrew10 Creative Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Creating a new, interesting bathroom lighting style can be good for your morning or night routine. Think about one or two of these ideas for a DIY new look for a room in your house that truly might need it. You can even have fun with new, creative bathroom lighting ideas.

Recessed Lights and Colorful Pendants

Recessed lights provide ambient light for your whole bathroom and have an understated modern-day look in their very own right. The only visible parts of the component are the metallic trim that sits in the ceiling, and the light bulb within the recess. In addition to lighting your way, recessed lights light up vibrant pendant lights so they pop.

  • Recessed lights showcasing sleek chrome or matte black trim
  • Steel pendants repainted a standout color, such as red or powder blue

Art Deco-Inspired Vanity Lighting and Sconces

The Art Deco style and design became popular in the 1920s. The elegant style delivers contemporary style and vintage savoir faire. Art Deco design is identified by clean lines, simplicity, balance, and artistic patterns.

Accomplish the Art Deco appearance with:

  • Vanity lights featuring lengthy smoked glass tubes with straightforward and sophisticated accents in antique bronze or gold
  • Sconces featuring exposed light bulbs and a stylish elongated symmetrical style

Glamour Vanity Lighting

Include luxe vanity lighting to your bathroom with this creative lighting choice. The glass fixtures are sure to be a superb looking design, as they add glamour. The adjustable lights enable you to rotate the light heads, so the light can be guided right where it’s required most.

Minimalist Track Lighting

For a contemporary look with ease and flexibility, track lighting is interesting anywhere, including a master bathroom. You can guide the beams directly down or angle them exactly where the light is needed. It can be creative and practical at the same time. The variety of track light and light bulbs you need will be based on the square footage of the bathroom. You can install two tracks evenly spaced throughout the ceiling, or one in the center of the ceiling.

Get the design with:

  • Two track lights with combed nickel, white, or matte black coatings
  • One straight track down the center of the room with lights angled down to either side, to supply ambient light. Integrate with sophisticated wall surface sconces including clear glass globes.

Recessed Shower Lights

Creative Bathroom Lighting Ideas
Creating a new, interesting bathroom lighting style can be good for your morning or night routine.

A 6-inch recessed light is a fantastic choice for minimalist shower lighting. The fixture is specifically useful for the shower thanks to its water-proof trim that locks against the ceiling. The low-profile layout can stand up to an occasional water spray and high humidity in a shower.

Steampunk Sconces or Flush-Mount Fixtures

Steampunk interior design welcomes modern and vintage design at the same time while highlighting the elegance of past machinery. The color scheme of steampunk is similar to Craftsman-style design, with brown, black, dark metallics, green and ivory. To try the fashionable style with your bathroom lighting, you’re looking for exposed Edison-style bulbs, glass, dark coatings, and industrial-style components.

  • Wall sconces with Edison-style bulbs, clear glass cover and an oil-rubbed bronze surface. You can mount two sconces on either side of the bathroom mirror, or mount four sconces over the mirror as vanity lights.
  • Factory-style flush-mount lighting fixtures with cord cage light bulb guards. Place 4-5 lights above the mirror for a special spin on steampunk vanity design.

Lit Mirrors in Small Bathrooms

Illuminated mirrors are an exceptional idea to give modern-day style and useful light in smaller bathrooms. These mirrors have bulbs included in the style, either as a frame around the whole mirror or along two sides. Occasionally the lit mirror is the front of a medicine cabinet, for even more room and a neat feature. Use the fixture as the single source of light in your washroom, or add an additional layer of light and design with a pendant or flush-mount ceiling light.

Some ideas are:

  • A square mirror with an illuminated LED structure of light on the bordering. Include colored décor nearby for a vibrant pop that shows in the mirror.
  • A medicine closet with two illuminated mirrored doors. Enhance with a flush mount light in a minimalist design with chrome accents.

Mid-Century Modern Pendants and Sconces

Another modern-day design with a look of retro is mid-century modern style recognized for sleek lines as well as shapes, organic motivation, and capability. The popular materials include dark-stained timber, glass, steel and lucite. The design was widespread from the 1940s through the mid-1960s, and has seen a renaissance today. Mid-century contemporary lighting components offer improvement to your bathroom.

  • A big pendant showcasing a drum shade with patterned geometric shapes in dark-stained wood.
  • Vertical wall sconces with a smoked glass tube and a rectangular backplate.

Lighted Exhaust Fan

This bathroom exhaust fan can have a light. This keeps the design simple and deliberate in the bathroom. The fan circulates air in the bathroom to keep lower humidity, temperature and bad smells in check. This functional light fixture additionally features a decorative Victorian-style layout with a chrome, and porcelain framework, then has a white glass dome.

Farmhouse Lighting

Include rustic beauty to a bathroom for an inviting space that coincides with the design of the rest of your house. A beautiful three-light wall sconce includes contemporary farmhouse look to an area with its black matte lamp shade and golden edge. The soft, warm glow is ideal for a pleasant setup.



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