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Energy CostsIN CHARLOTTEJuly 5, 2022by AndrewClever Ideas You Can Do with Smart Outlets

Smart outlets are a common part of any smart home. Here are several ways smart plugs and outlets can get your devices and appliances online. Smart outlets come in all shapes and sizes and at prices to suit all budgets. Forget internet connectivity, home networks and gadgets with remote functions, smart plugs are where it starts. Here are ideas about what you can do easily with smart outlets and how they can help your home.

What Is a Smart Plug?

Smart plugs go between an electrical outlet and the device you’re plugging in. Available in a variety of forms, sizes and requirements, they all have a shared quality: remote. This generally works through Wi-Fi connectivity, although older models utilize timers. This enables you to set an outlet to turn on or off, whenever you like. Smart plugs are easy to set up as well.

Wi-Fi smart plugs can be accessed remotely via an application, or indirectly, creating an app-controlled electrical outlet. Smart plugs are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for added connection, making them suitable for any type of smart home functionality.

Smart Outlet Uses

Wake Up

What’s the first thing you do in the morning? First, just get out of bed. Then, maybe there’s coffee, or music? Something else in the kitchen or bathroom?

As opposed to stumbling out of bed then having a sudden accident, you can use smart outlets to turn on what you need in a smart way. If you’ve got a little less to mess with and turn on in the morning, you can get ready and get going quicker and easier. The benefits might multiply in a family of three, four, five or more all getting ready at the same time.

Added Security

You can deter break-ins, burglaries and crime from your home and property with a little foresight and smart outlets. How?

A big percentage of burglaries are opportunistic crimes. If you’re out, be it for a few hours, a few days or more, you can use smart outlets to control lights, devices and the appearance of your home and property.

Timers have been used in this way for years. It may be easier and more effective – for control and changing things up – to use an app. All you are looking to do is create the visual idea of activity and life in your home. Turn a TV on and off. Turn different lights on. Light the outside of your home. Use wireless security cameras.

Make Dinner While Still at Work

You can start on dinner before you get home. Imagine what else you might have time for in the evening! One way of pulling off this hack is set up a crock pot before heading out. Then turn on the crock pot remotely at the right time.

Feed the Pets Anytime

Whether planned or not, if no one will be home to feed the cats and dogs, old automatic feeders don’t work so well. There are programmable feeders which work with smart outlets and Wi-Fi, so you can set a time or run it with an app and feeding the pets has become high tech. This can be a plan during a vacation, or a back-up in case a day goes haywire and now no one’s home until late.

Control TVs and Video Games

Clever Ideas You Can Do with Smart Outlets
Use smart outlets to shut down devices and consoles whenever you like.

Do the kids have limits, curfews or monitors on TVs, devices, video games and consoles? Want an easy way to enforce the rules without arguments or having to go all around the house, or even be in the house? Smart outlets can be easy answers here. Use smart outlets to shut down devices and consoles whenever you like.

You can program a smart outlet to track time it’s on, so if your kids are supposed to follow limits on screen time, you can check if those limits are being followed. Then, if needed, take care of things yourself.

Turn on the Heat or AC

The den, man cave, office, bedroom or whatever you want to be warm or cool before you get there, you can control it with a smart outlet. It can work with spaces like sheds or garages, too.

Recharge Device Batteries

You’re at work and you see what a perfect day it is outdoors. There is little you can do to enjoy it from work, but a smart plug can help later in the afternoon and evening. If you have rechargeable batteries for yard tools plugged into smart outlets, you can charge them so they’re ready when you get home.

The same goes for indoors. If a vacuum or kitchen devices are set to go, or can go on their own, you have a little less to do once you’re home from work. A cleaner home, in and out, is more pleasant.

Pre-Heated Hair Devices

Do you need to take care of your hair each morning? Or whenever’s best for you? You can preset devices to be on or warm with smart outlets. Just remember what you’re doing and be careful. You can use a timer to be on at the right time for your routine or an app, then just give it a minute or two.



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